kaspersky download and install

Kaspersky antivirus is the Russian antivirus that protects your devices like computer pc’s or mobile devices from viruses and malware. It allows us to search safely and it won’t let you put details on the phishing page sent by the hackers. To download and install kaspersky refer to kaspersky.com/downloads or ‘kaspersky download and install’. The underneath said reasons make KASPERSKY the best Antivirus accessible in the market. It offers a solid innovation that will repair and evacuate all contaminations. 

kaspersky download and install

It is available in the stores, and is available online as well. Estimated to be the best originator of antivirus, KASPERSKY mark has about 300 million user base around the world. KASPERSKY highlights include constant protection, trojan analysis and ending, infections and contamination with spyware.

How to download and install Kaspersky?

Firstly, using a 20-digit activation code to activate the commercial version of Kaspersky Antivirus. If you have a boxed version or the email sent to your e-mail when you bought the code in the online store, you can get the activation code on the quick Start Guide. If you don’t have an activation key code, buy it from the official Kaspersky Lab e-Store.


  • Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Make sure the system date is correct on your computer.

STEPS: kaspersky.co/downloads

  • Firstly, Go to my.kaspersky.com 
  • Now click Sign Up option, If you already have Kaspersky account, else create new one. 
  • To create new account you will need to type your email & new Kaspersky account password.
  • As a result of signing up, you will receive a verification email via Kaspersky So now go to your email and verify to complete the verification of your Kaspersky account by clicking on the verification button.
  • You can finally find the place to add your activation code Put your activation code in there. 
  • Now you’ll find download tab on the same page, just click the Appear as you’ve listed your product right! 
  • Just click to download Also run the software after download. 
  • You’re done, now.

How to activate kaspersky?

To activate the application:

  • Open the application window.
  • Click Enter activation code.
  • Enter the code from the message you have received after buying the license and click Activate.
  • Click Done.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus is now activated.

Activate Kaspersky Anti-Virus on all the computers with the same activation code.

kaspersky activate

Features of Kaspersky.com/downloads 

Protects from phishing website attacks: – Phishing website assaults are the people who make a fake login page which is absolutely the same as the online door to goodness truthful.

Advanced Cloud Protection: – KASPERSKY’s best and novel Web Security section is cloud protection. Growing of the clients in this portion is associated with the cloud server. The upside to cloud protection is the moment that one detects some new threat, then it is described as normal.

Safe Online Transactions & Shopping: – It provides features such as virtual reassurance that add an extra level of protection when entering your ordered data such as online trades and holding cash details on the site.

Fix changes rendered by malicious files: – Many times, corrections to your record for malware effect and that can really damage your Computer. The antivirus offers the best solution to stop these contamination progressions.

Easy Parental Access:-Parental access is a critical component for arbiters to a great extent. For this part arbiters may avoid the use for young people of particular destinations not endorsed. They may set their own special code to enable this office to remember the ultimate objective of preventing the children’s movement of destinations.

Stong Firewall & Services: – KASPERSKY has an excellent firewall feature that will protect your PC from computer attacks of all kinds and protect the contraction.